Fred Backlash

Every office has a rabid poltical junkie or two. Ours was of the lefty variety. He liked to send around email jokes about the opposition along with the occasional praise for his candidates. He's a pretty smart guy, just a little overly passionate. He pushed the line a couple of times for work behavior, but he was pretty good at getting me to think about the issues from all sides.

He's no longer with us (at the office) but he's still true to form. He's decided the Fred Fever around town is a little hypocritical. He's got a point. It seems a bit much to extoll the virtues of Fred as a native son when you consider how a few years back a lot of people declared that Al Gore isn't a true Tennessean since he spent so much time in Washington. I doubt Fred is much different.

But this is the backlash. Plenty of comedy, but I think he forgot one design aspect. On first glance it looks like a pro-Thompson sticker. You have to look pretty closely to read the punch-line. It's too subtle.


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