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I've been reading up on the whole 'winky' controversy this week. It's not something The Mrs. and I have thought about, but it is a bit of a dilemma. Having boy/girl twins means they're going to be doing most everything together, and of course my kids will be geniuses and notice right away that some parts are different.

I admit, at first I was with Kat Coble and thought the real words were best. But Lindsay makes a good point. I'm not sure why, but the idea of my twins shrieking 'penis' in a crowded room makes me slightly more uncomfortable than them using any of the obvious euphemisms. Granted, everyone will still know what they meant, but it's still less uncomfortable. As proof I cite some fine cinematic work by the esteemed governor of California, Kindergarten Cop. Who remembers the funniest line in the movie? Spoken by a 5 year old:

Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.

(Okay, it may be the second funniest line in the movie. The first being "It might be a tumor." Also spoken by a 5 year old.) There's probably some good psychoanalysis in there somewhere. I find it really amusing that even two year olds have a predilection for dick and fart jokes even before they learn the sexual context. But I was actually more interested in a comment Kat made toward the end of the discussion. (Or at least it was the end the last time I looked at the thread.)

Of course, my husband insists that Grandparents be called nothing more fancy than grandma and grandpa

This has been a bigger controversy around the W household. I'm with Mr. Coble, but The Mrs. thinks we should let the grandparents in question decide. Her parents already have grandchildren, so we have to stick with precedent there, but Luke and Lea will be the first for my parents. My mom is considering all sorts of exotic titles, but I prefer to stick with grandma and grandpa. Or maybe grandma and doc, because the idea of a two year old calling my dad 'doc' just cracks me up.

So am I being selfish trying to push my opinion on to my parents?


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