The Hunger

Food and pregnancy are an interesting combo. Two of the most famous symptoms of pregnancy are craving a particular kind of food, and morning sickness. Not two things you'd expect to go together very well.

So far we seem to be doing pretty well. I've been bracing myself for weird cravings and midnight runs to the grocery store, Taco Bell, etc... for weeks but they haven't materialized. Their was a brief run where The Mrs. was craving watermelon, but a few mushy ones as they were on their way out of season seem to have cured her of that.

She's apparently experiencing the opposite of food cravings. Well, not quiet the opposite, which would be nausea*. The hunger is there. And seems to be worse than pre-pregnancy because apparently there's less stomach space. She gets full after eating very little, and hungry very quickly.

Nah, the opposite I'm talking about is a hunger, but not for anything we have in the house. She wants something, but can't figure out what. We'll go through a list of everything in the fridge, but none of it is appealing. At first I thought that was the opposite of craving, but as I've been sitting here typing I've decided the worst kind of craving. It's a mystery craving. It could get ugly once we figure out the object of the mystery craving.

*I don't think there's much nausea, but that's subject to the opinion of The Mrs. herself.


Anonymous The Mrs. said...

You know it now, baby. FROZEN CHOCOLATE COVERED BANANAS WITH SPRINKLES!!!! It shouldn't be too hard to find a fair around these parts...

4:55 PM, August 26, 2007  

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