Rampant Bridge Speculation

These were good enough that I decided to swing by the library and post them on my lunch break. Some very good photos of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis last night.

This is just speculation based solely on those photos and the ones I saw at CNN, but it's very interesting how the entire bridge seems to be wrenched toward one end. That gives you a pretty good idea of where the first failure happened. Judging from what I could tell in the photos it looks like one of the supports on the bank collapsed. I don't recall the exact figure, but upwards of 80% of all bridge failures are caused by water, or something that happens on the water. If this one went the way it looks to me, then it was some kind of structural failure, or something traveling the road under the bridge hit a support.

Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion based on very little evidence. I reserve the right to change my mind if better evidence comes out as time passes.


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