Demanding Quality Control

I loves me some irony. And this sure seems like a good case of it. Yesterday I spent a little time reading the thread with the infamous quote from Liz Garrigan (editor of the Nashville Scene) about the high standards her publication has and how most bloggers would never be able to live up to them (see comment #2 in the thread). Then last evening I went to my weekly Citizen's Police Academy session. One of the presentations was by a Vice Sergeant. He was reliving the glory of the prostitution and adult business crack down back in 2005. As part of his presentation he shows us a copy of the Scene and mentions how they published lots of ads for prostitutes back in the day.

From what the sarge said, they had some pretty good tape on the guy. Apparently the Scene employee selling the ads helped them phrase the copy to make their point without making their point (if you get my point). To paraphrase the vice cop, "We told him our girls gave great oral sex and he advised us on how to say it in the ad."

Now that's an example of some fine quality control. (Okay fine, not quiet what Liz meant, but still....) Makes me wonder if the Scene asked for pictures before posting the ads just to make sure everything was up to standard.
Disclaimer: I make no claim to be a citizen journalist and I made no phone calls to the Scene. I did however research the story slightly on Google and using the Scene's online archives. In the process I came across this letter page. If you look closely I'm sure you can find one of Nashville's more crotchety bloggers who also happens to be a new dad.


Blogger Sarcastro said...

I demand Quality Control!

Or, at the very least, for the Scene to know which way is up. More to the point, which way is west.

It would be fair to say that fact checking has never been their strong suit.

8:28 PM, August 08, 2007  

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