Sleeping Dogs Tell Untruths

All that talk about Bobcat Goldthwait in my last post reminded me of an interesting movie that I'm going to recommend to all you adultish readers.

Bobcat wrote and directed a movie called Sleeping Dogs Lie. It's about secrets. Amy, the female lead has one. And it's a doozy. If you're the conservative type, it could very easily cause you to turn the movie off in the first five minutes. But if you roll with it, it's really an interesting movie. Though it has some scenes that pained me to watch.

The first few minutes establish Amy's (the female lead) terrible secret. I'm not going to tell you what her secret is, but let's just say the movie title refers to more than that old saying about how it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. To the movie's credit, they handle it pretty well, and throughout the movie they never imply that it's an okay thing to do. Amy never defends it.

After the big reveal the movie flashes forward to a future relationship. Her guy thinks that they're getting so close that they should tell alllllll their secrets. But she's not convinced. He proceeds to share some pretty tame 'deep, dark secrets' from his own past, and eventually she is convinced to tell him. Lots of drama and black comedy ensue, but it boils down to one thing. Some secrets should be kept that way.

According to some things I'e read, Bobcat wanted to contrast the popular conception of the American family with the darker reality. I'm not sure I'd consider the family in this movie 'reality' but it was certainly dark, and it's a good depiction of family dynamics with recriminations and reconciliation.

It's very low budget (most of the crew was hired off CraigsList), and it has its slow moments. But overall I liked it. I got two real points from it.

1) Some secrets aren't meant for anyone else.
2) Decisions you make can cause you heartache and trouble for years after.

There's some title ambiguity apparently. When I got the DVD from NetFlix it was called Sleeping Dogs Lie. But apparently it was making the rounds of the film festivals with the title Stay.


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