The Fog

This morning was a day early. The fog rolled in sometime during the night and walking out to the car this morning to leave for work I caught a real Halloween vibe. Visibility was only about 30 ft and fog always has this magical way of deadening sound. Add in the deserted nature of my neighborhood at 6 AM and you've got a prescription for catching the Halloween willies.

Steven King wrote this story called simply "The Mist". (John Carpenter already had The Fog) It's one of my favorite stories. This supernatural fog rolls into a town on the heels of a major thunderstorm. Weird things were in the fog. Our hero ended up caught in a grocery store with some other intrepid survivors and they ever so slowly figured out that it wasn't safe out in the fog. They're making that one into a movie that should be out soon. If it releases before the end of the year, I like my odds of seeing it. So keep your fingers crossed, because 2008 isn't going to be a year W goes to the movies.

There's something really visceral about fog. You never know what's waiting just ahead, and it has a weird way of distorting and deadening sound. You just never know what might be lurking out there.

This morning I walked through the fog passing the construction site at 5th and Charlotte where they're building the new MTA transit center. Just as I passed by the workers dropped a 1 ton steel hopper full of wet concrete onto 5th Avenue and then picked it up and started swinging it around 50 ft up when they could barely see 20 ft. The whole thing was especially hair raising if you've seen the construction site in the light of day and you notice the other tower crane which overlaps the big one. It'd be really easy to get the two tangled up and knock them over. It does happen.

I ducked when I walked by. Because you just never know. Whether it's an interdimensional monster who lives in the fog or a good ole boy swing sitting 150 ft above the street in his tower crane that gets you.... dead is still dead and you never can tell about the fog.


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