Watching TV Like It's 1999

Last week we had a very disturbing incident at the W household. The DVR went out. The DVR is my second most favorite technological innovation ever (pre-sliced breadis first) so this was extremely unfortunate. It was several days before Comcast could get to us, and we aren't doing a lot of going out these days because The Mrs. doesn't get around so well thanks to Luke and Leia. Fortunately the TV itself was fine, because we can't currently resort to the entertainment most couples use when the cable goes out.

We do occasionally watch live tv even with the DVR but it's so easy to ask The Mrs to just pause it if the show comes back on while I'm in the kitchen or if the dog needs to go outside. I think he had a tough time of it since he had to wait for commercials to go in or out for a few days. At one point I was in the other room doing something and The Mrs. yelled that the show was coming back on, so I had to hurry back. We both agreed that the whole situation was so 1990's.

On the plus side, without access to the huge reserve of shows on my DVR, I actually watched some DVDs that I've had sitting around for awhile. We watched The Godfather (my first time ever) and most of the way through season 1 of The Pretender that a friend had loaned me.

My biggest regret though, is the lost potential. The old DVR was chock full with lots of stuff for me to watch now that the writer's strike is killing original programming for awhile. All of Battlestar Galactica season 3 was in there, just waiting for the marathon I was planning just before season 4 starts. Hours of the most interesting Modern Marvels just gone. I was really looking forward to the one on Las Vegas. And my favorite South Park episodes wiped out by one little technology failure.


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