Commuter Musing

Two profound thoughts that entered my mind on my commute from Antioch to downtown this morning....

Right now sunrise in Nashville is at about 6:45 AM. And your car doesn’t glow. That means if you are driving I-24 at 6:20 AM you lose all right to complain, give me the finger, or curse me and the horse I rode in on. I cut you off because I COULDN’T SEE YOU IN THE DARK. Don't assume I'm sort of see-in-the-dark-traffic-sensing mutant just because Mom is from Oak Ridge.

Sitting in traffic on the way to work could make the Pope lose his patience. But I think it’s a special kind of hell when you work for the Agency responsible for the construction backup. Even though it’s their fault I’m sitting in traffic, I’m still in trouble if I’m late for work.


Blogger saraclark said...

I knew today was going to require a special measure of traffic tolerance when I got on 40-E and all four lanes were full. Not stopped just full and this was still at 8:30am.

Fortunately everyone else in my building was late too and everyone was bitching about traffic.

I flex my schedule later in order to avoid the high traffic times. But if I had to face that kind of traffic at 6:00am ish, I would carry a loaded gun. I don't know how you do it.

1:03 PM, October 11, 2006  

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