A Hypothetical Question

If you were a booster for a midlevel Tennessee school trying to drum up support for a big football game this weekend, do you think setting up a pep rally and blaring loud music during lunch hour in the middle of a bunch of high rise offices would help your cause?

Apparently MTSU is playing North Texas this weekend at the LP Field (the building formerly known as The Coliseum). So today they've decided to hold a pep rally downtown. The band and cheerleaders are down on Legislative Plaza at this very moment blaring loud music and giving out free ice cream.

I'm betting they make at least as many enemies as supporters out of this. I'm about 200 yards away and 20 stories up and the music is driving me nuts. It's worse than the time back in my apartment days when the trashy upstairs neighbors got into a fight at 4 AM.

I may just be a cantankerous, prematurely-old, stick in the mud, but I kinda hope MTSU loses now that they've completely disturbed my only quiet hour all day.


Blogger Michael said...

Well, it's MTSU so what do you expect?

They only have like four fans to start with....

12:21 PM, September 28, 2006  

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