Bias Is Everywhere

Today Kleinheider at Volunteer Voters (website doesn't want to load again, so I can't currently link it) posted a map which shows the continental U.S. covered in a pox of red dots. Kleinheider doesn't comment himself, but he links back to the source.

Apparently this pox of red dots represents the 800 right wing radio stations in the U.S. and is supposed to indicate the conservative propoganda empire. Pretty map. What of it?

It just looks like someone drew 800 red dots on the map. But the inference is that they blanket the country. But based on the uniformity of it, I'm fairly sure they just drew them on. I find it hard to believe that the major urban areas have the same coverage that the more desolate areas of Arizona and Nebraska do. It would mean a lot more if they actually put the 800 red dots in the correct place that represents their broadcast market. But I suspect they just drew them in where they think it would best make their point.

Maybe I'm wrong. The center of each of those red dots may be the city the radio station broadcasts out of. It's certainly possible. But no one is saying, so I'm forced to draw my own conclusions. What exactly constitutes a right wing radio station anyhow?

I'm not so sure the Newsweek covers prove any real bias either. Doesn't the same company own the magazine in all those geographical areas? If they were trying to hide something, all of the geographical editions would avoid mentioning Afghanistan. All it really proves is that they think they'll sell more in the US if they have a celebrity on the cover. It's a more convincing argument than the map, but all it really proves to me is the political apathy of the American people. I'm a little suspicious of the fact that the European, Asian, and Latin American covers are all in English, but it is plausable enough.

Bias is everywhere. MRDTALK is biased too.


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