It Ain't So Bad

I did it back at the end of August. I became a NetFlix customer. I've been seeing the advertisments for years, but I was always a doubter.

I'm pretty impulsive and eclectic in my movie choices. Sometimes I want action, sometimes horror, and sometimes I'm just in the mood for a good romantic comedy. And you can't plan for those sorts of whims, so I just always stuck with my Blockbuster card. But the lady friend has been NetFlixing for a long time, and my brother just got addicted recently so I finally bowed to the peer pressure and used my two free weeks to subscribe to the three at a time package. (On a side note, what's up with a two week free trial period?? You can't exactly get a feel for how this works in two weeks because of the snail mail delays. You need at least a month.)

The verdict so far is favorable. They seem to have every DVD under the sun, so they're ready made for someone with eclectic tastes like mine. Right now my que of discs to watch is dominated by television series. Especially the stuff from the 80's and early 90's. I imagine most of it will be like all the other things I've seen and done for nostalgia purposes, not as good now as my then hormone addled teenage brain thought.

Poking around in their movie database is a lot of fun in itself. It has become a lunchtime hobby of mine following the various 'if you like that, you'll love this..' links and adding things to my que. It reminds me of the first few times I visited the public library as a child, back before I realized how very small the town we lived in really was. Or maybe the time I visited the library at the larger town next to us and realized they had a whole section devoted to just science fiction.

By now my que is up over 200 discs. It's something of an art arranging the priority and deciding what I want next. My biggest complaint is how I have to juggle the que to make sure I get successive discs from television series in the correct order and timing so I can watch them with as little delay possible.

My first choices......... Mat Hot Ballroom, Doogie Howser MD, and Dark Shadows, the Revival.

Coming soon..... Babolyn 5.


Blogger Michael said...

My buddy just gave me a free month trial on there..so I am comparing it to Blockbuster's service....I have to admit I am liking Netflix so far.

Babylon Five will change your life...LOL

And hey..what is your e-mail addy on Netflix so I cna add you as a friend?

9:46 AM, September 27, 2006  

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