My Name Is W

I’ve always thought it was interesting that when self-avowed liberal hippie chick, and suspected communist, Aunt B added me to her blog roll it was as “W, no the good one”. I certainly don’t mind being called the good one, but I thought it was funny that she differentiated between little ole me, and a certain famous (infamous) person with the same initial.

Well last week I ran into problem with the similiarities between my initial and the Presidents. I was reading a post on Tennessee Guerilla Women (you have to read the comments) where Egalia was taking Kleinheider to task for using the word ‘shrill’ to describe her posts. I made a comment about my own interpretation of the word and another commenter decided to take my generic comment personally. When I defended myself by saying I wasn’t referring to her, this is the exchange that happened next.

Sadie Baker: Well, with a name like "W," you can expect to raise a few hackles
around here. I assumed you were trolling. If you weren't, then I

Egalia: You got that correct, Sadie. "W" is forever
ruined. As is "right."
(Thanks to Sadie for actually apologizing. That's not something you see often on the internet.)

So it would appear that the President is ruining the reputation of anyone who uses the initial. I’m at least twenty years younger than the President, so I can’t claim to have had it first. But I’ve been using my initial to stay semi-anonymous online since he was just George Bush, Jr. I’m tempted to start a Randall style campaign to take back my initial, but I’m too lazy to do anything beyond this post.

I can’t say I’m very happy with his performance lately, but I’m really tired of how ‘W’ has become nearly synonymous with ‘stupid’ and various other uncomplimentary adjectives. The man only started using the initial as a way to differentiate himself from his dad, which I can understand completely. But now it has almost become his identity and it’s some sort of symbol for all his shortcomings. Especially when pronounced with a proper Texas accent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "taking it back" part in Clerks II was funny...if you are not horribly sensitive about that sort of issue.

(I have to comment like this until the Beta Blogger conversion is over)

3:44 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Michael said...

This is related to a couple of posts...

I've found if you want tons of comments, just announce it's your b'day. LOL.

That said, I'm often fascinated by what comments and I get and then things that don't get comments. I often wonder if because I only blather on about TV and stuff if it loses some interest of the readers...but then again, it's my blog and it's all about me. LOL

11:56 AM, September 08, 2006  

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