Warning: Upcoming Vacation Blogging

The Lady Friend and I just got back from visiting a bridge engineer's mecca. San Francisco, location of the Golden Gate Bridge. We also went to various places in northern California, including Sonoma County (where I was buzzing by noon on a Friday).

If the mountain of things to do doesn't fall over and trap me underneath, I'll be vacation blogging later this week.

For now I'm going to leave you with this story... While in Sonoma County, we stayed at a lovely little place in the town of Guerneville. There's really not much there, but while strolling through town we came across a store called Hemp and Chocolate. The window had a display of t-shirts with the captions 'Good Bush' and 'Bad Bush'. The example of 'good bush'... cannabis of course. The exmple of 'bad bush'.... the President. I wish I had taken a picture.


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