Guess What I Ate


Well, not all of it. Just a little.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you should have caught on to the fact that The Lady Friend is a little odd. So last weekend she proposed that we go to the RC Cola & Moonpie Festival in Bell Buckle. She’s what I used to call a ‘city girl’, even if the city is just Chattanooga. Apparently she didn’t get proper exposure to small town life as a girl, so now she makes up for it by going to weird small town festivals. (Next year, Mule Day!)

We studied the festival schedule Friday evening so we could decide just what we wanted to see. Our attempts to see the parade were thwarted by the comfort of my bed and the lazyness of myself, but I decided early on that the rest was just gravy. The only important part was The World’s Largest Moonpie. It was just like a regular moonpie, only writ large. That sucker was at least three feet in diameter. And the marshmallow was fresh. After it was worshipped, the World’s Largest Moonpie was distributed to the masses for eating. Obviously, the highlight of my day. Especially since the line for the Moonpie Toss contest was too long for me to stand in. The only disappointment was when they refused to let me get my picture taken with it.

The highlight of The Lady Friend’s day, on the other hand, was visiting all the antique/junk stores in town. It seems The Lady Friend has a taste for kitsch. And she’s from the ‘so bad it’s good’ school of thought. (That quality, in a professional artist, can lead to some interesting things, but that’s a post for another day.) We spent many an hour in the several junk stores and even made a few purchases. In fairness, I did find it kind of interesting. I think you could probably learn a lot about a person just by looking at what they keep, and what they choose to throw away.

For all you other city folk (or Yankees), moonpie is a brand term similar to Kleenex. Other places have similar snacks, but they can’t technically be called moonpies. They’re usually called marshmallow treats or something similar. Buy the originals here. But not the strawberry, those are blech (too artificial).

Oh yeah, and these things were being sold at the craft fair stall. Scary. It haunts my dream. (Picture not by me.)


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