Am I A Hipster Now?

I do love me some BBQ, and I’ve been trying for weeks (both of them) to go to Mothership BBQ in Berry Hill. Lunch during the week is out of the question because the mile long hike from the office to the parking lot takes up most of my break, and it’s only open from 11-2 on Saturdays. Apparently that crazy Knucklehead likes his weekends free. But Tuesday I finally managed to get there on my way home from work. And now I understand why it’s where all the cool bloggers hang out.

I had the pork sandwich with potato salad and beans, and it was amazing. It’s all been said before, but I’m going to say it again. I got my order to-go and it smelled so heavenly I had to break into it while I was still in the parking lot. It had a really strong hickory flavor which I don’t notice in most restaurant barbeque. The sides are great and made on site. Both the potato salad and the beans have some non standard spices on them which are an excellent contribution to the overall flavor. My only complaints were that the barbeque sauce and the dressing on the potato salad were too thin. I felt like I was leaving the best part of both in the bottom of my plate.

I didn’t stay long enough to get a good luck at the décor, and obviously didn’t get to see the much vaunted ladies room, but from what I did see…. There is much cheese on those walls. There’s a lot of personality invested in the whole place.

Good job Knucklehead. Now how about funking up the place?


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