Am I Snarky Enough Yet?

I like the Scene's Best Of Nashville Issue. It relegates the sex issue to second most favorite because it covers all those other areas. But I do have to take a little issue with Tracy Moore and her little vendetta against bloggers.

In explaining the Scene’s pick for Best New Local Blogger, Tracy says several nice things about the winner, Nemisboy. That’s to be expected, he did win after all. But then Tracy takes the opportunity to slam a few people by saying:

And when Nemisisboy showed up at the local blogger meet-up in a Darth Vader
mask, some bloggers were miffed – proof that intelligence has nothing to do with
sense of humor.

Really Tracy? If so, I think you just proved that sense of humor has nothing to do with intelligence. The fact that Gallagher, Carrot Top, Bill Cosby, and Jerry Seinfeld are all considered successful comedians proves that there are a lot of different kinds of humor in the world.

I wasn’t at the meet-up for the Darth Vader incident. But I heard about it, and the former 12 year old boy in me thought it was pretty funny. Your attempt to make fun of people who don’t share your humor is one of the lamest things I’ve read lately. (And that means a lot because I also read my own lame post on Battlestar Galactica.)

I suppose the Buddytown comment fits the high school yearbook theme of the issue, but Brittney is right. Your article was caused all the damage. And did you really think people were going to react well to the whole ‘exclusive club’ thing? Ask the board of directors at Augusta what they know about that.

So what do you think? Am I snarky enough to write for the Scene yet? Or should I keep sharpening my knives?


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