How do you woo a cynical woman? Part 2

Transcript of an actual conversation between myself and the lady friend.

The Lady Friend: You know, you are so much better at wooing me by email than in person.

W: Ouch. What the hell does that mean?

TLF: Well you’re just more charming and witty in your emails.

W: You know why? Because if I get all sweet and sappy in person you’re more likely to make fun of me.

TLF: (thoughtful look) True. And you never know what will cause me to make fun of you.

W: That’s a good story. Now take your top off…

Okay, that’s not exactly a transcript, but it captures the gist of the conversation as I remember it. It’s another good illustration of the challenges one encounters when wooing a cynical woman. Little does she know (unless she reads this) that I was intentionally wooing her by email.

See here for part 1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love sarcastic, cynical women with some heart on the inside. I don't nearly meet enough.

8:08 PM, February 18, 2008  

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