On Being Good

Remember my inaugural post about why I decided to blog? I lied. None of that crap has anything to do with it. I just started a blog so I can get free stuff. And Todd A is the first man to hook me up. Todd has been giving out free electronic copies of his book, Being Good, to any blogger who asks, so of course I had to take him up on the offer.

The hero of our story is named Slav O Sle. (He’s Irish, go figure.) He’s a late 20’s English teacher at a private girls high school. There’s lots of potential for shenanigans there, but Slav ain’t that kind of guy. Well, he is that kind of guy, but he has grown up tastes.

Slav and his grown up tastes are what make the novel such a great read. He makes no bones about his pursuit for pleasure, and he’s very up front about what he thinks. A case in point, he tells us early on “If there’s one thing I won’t abide, it’s buttfucking.”

The plot is pretty loose. A lot of it happens without Slav’s direct involvement, and since the story is written first person, without the reader’s involvement. But that’s okay, this is mostly about the funny. The story resulting in the buttfucking pronouncement above really had nothing to do with the plot, but I didn’t care because it was funny. What kept me reading straight through in essentially one sitting was Slav himself. He’s that friend that everyone knows, or as heard about, and is a little bit jealous of. The guy that does whatever he wants, screw the consequences. The guy that can pick up a girl in the grocery store or the strip club, and say good bye easily when he’s done. Essentially what every guy would be without guilt.

My only complaint was the ending. I can’t really fault the way it happened, but it felt mightily rushed. Sort of like Star Trek when Scotty performs some technological miracle and pulls everyone out of the fire just when the alien ship is about to blow them up. I think it would have been a lot more satisfying to see the villain go down in flames first hand instead of just hearing about it. But given the choice between more ending and the funny, I pick the funny.

The novel includes a short prequel of sorts which is read after the main story, but takes place four years before. Just in case you were thinking ill of Slav at the end of the main story, you read this and see how far he’s come, and how his life outlook is expanding as his waistline does.

I’m not sure if he’s still giving away copies, but I recommend you ask him. If he shoots you down, or you don’t have a blog of your own………. buy the dead tree version.

Todd, great story. I’m looking forward to the sequel, and I may just start describing myself as ‘bespectacled of the ocular organs’. Thanks for the free copy, I just wish I had more readers to tell about it.


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