Why bother?

Seeing as how this is my inaugural post, it just seems right to figure out why I’m starting a blog. I’ve been reading blogs for a long time now, and the commonly held opinion is that having a blog is a good indicator of an inflated ego. After all, why bother putting you thoughts down and publishing them for the world to see if you don’t have a pretty high opinion of them. I’d say that’s probably semi-true. Now I could offer you imaginary readers a lot of reasons why I’m trying my hand at blogging.

I could tell you that it’s because
Aunt B is making me. She’s a pretty persuasive woman with an impressive rack, and lots of local bloggers respect her. If that’s not enough, she knows several men with large guns that can help her inforce her will. So that might be a worthy reason, but that’s not it. (But she is my official blog mentor.)

I could say I’ve been reading and commenting on blogs for a long time, and feel like I should give something back. But I’m not that altruistic, and there are other flaws in that statement that I’m just not going to point out.

I could be starting my own blog for my very own bully pulpit. So I can do things like proclaim Aunt B my blog mentor without her prior knowledge. (Surprise B!! Now make with the mentor like activities.) But that, while alluring, isn’t enough to justify this much effort from a lazy person like me.

I could blog just to keep everyone updated on my life and what I’m doing. That’s a reason many casual bloggers use, but I really don’t know that many people, so they can just call me if they want to know what I’m up to. Besides, I haven’t really decided if I want to share this website with my friends and neighbors. I’m afraid I’ll start editing if I know certain people are reading.

I could say that I aspire to a
NiT post with a snarky title about one of my entries. And that would be half true.

I could say that writing things down helps me organize all the thoughts in a jumbled up brain. But that doesn’t mean I have to put them out here for you to read.

Mostly though it’s just a big experiment. I’m curious to see what happens. Maybe I’ll learn something, and maybe I won’t. Hopefully I’ll have some useful comments on some of the things I post, but in the end I’m blogging because I can.

Oh yeah, my editing and proofreading skills ain’t bad, but I usually don’t bother. You’ve been warned.


Blogger newscoma said...

I mentioned Aunt B in one of my first posts as well. I don't think she truly understands the scope of her fame.
I know she must think I'm stalking her (while in reality, I know she has no clue who this sad new blogger is) but she brightens my day.

11:22 AM, February 16, 2006  

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