The Coming Epidemic

Make no mistake. An epidemic is coming. And it's going to be ugly. People dropping like flies. I'm one of the early victims, but there will be millions more.

I was working diligently in the office and I got the itch. No, not THAT itch. The one that makes you sit at your desk and stare longingly out the window daydreaming about the breeze on your face, the smell of cut hay, and the crack of the bat. I’m talking about spring fever. And I got it bad this morning.

I’m notorious around the office for giving in to spring fever. The last day of February is a little earlier than I usually get it, but how’s a guy supposed to resist when it’s in the mid-60’s out? This early outbreak does not bode well at all for my balance of vacation days. Neither does dating a teacher. Metro schools don’t have their spring break for a few weeks yet but she’s already started seducing me away from work that week.

Have no fears imaginary readers. This outbreak wasn’t too bad. It was cured, or at least sated, by taking the afternoon off and visiting the jewel of Davidson County. I’m talking about Radnor Lake, my favorite local park. A jaunt along the South Cove Trail wore me out and exposed how out of shape I’ve become over the winter. Well, in the interest of honesty I’ll rephrase that. I wasn’t in that great of shape before this winter. The trail just proved how much further from I was from ‘shape’ than last August. It’s not really the ideal way to go, but most everyone is less active in the winter. So I’m using all y’all to justify my laziness. Take that, imaginary readers.

The park wasn’t as great as it will be in a couple of months, but it was still a fun and relaxing time. Great to recharge the batteries after a couple of nasty weeks in the office.


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