It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Poked In The Eye

Let me enlighten you all about the conversation at the moment this picture was taken.

Leia: I'm going to poke you in the eye with this stick now Luke.
Luke: I know Leia.
Leia: It's for your own good baby brother. It will encourage you to get better at using your hands so you can keep me from doing things like this to you in the future.
Luke: You're only a minute older than me, quit calling me baby bro....
Leia: (poke)

Notice how Luke is holding a limp dandelion stem? I've got to teach that boy not to bring a knife to a gunfight.

In fairness to Leia, she didn't actually poke him with the flower she's holding in that picture. But the picture and dialogue just encapsulate the relationship between the two of them so very well. These days she's much more mobile than him, and she has more hand control. So she can swipe his stuff and make her get away. He's closing the gap, so the playing field becomes more level every day. The Mrs. told me about a little war between the two of them while she was rocking them both. Luke had a pacifier in his mouth and Leia decided she wanted it. So she swiped it out of his mouth. And he swiped it back. Apparently this went on for several minutes before The Mrs. managed to free an arm to grab another pacifier off the table. Unfortunately, this one was attached to one of those tethers that you clip onto the baby's clothing so it was new and exotic. And another war began...

Watching the two of them together never fails to entertain me, at least until someone starts to cry. (Thus we see the origin of the time honored phrase this post uses as a title.) Leia always gravitates toward her brother. Back before they could crawl we'd sit them up in front of each other and watch as her arms started waving as she tried to reach him. If she did reach him she would always poke him in the eye or scratch his cheek. He was pretty stoic about it, just putting up with it as he gave us an anguished look of 'Why?!?'.

Now that they can move...... the tradition continues. I'll look over at them to see him laying on his stomach playing with some toy while she's laying with her head on his back watching the ceiling fan go by above them. She also has this weird happen of trying to put her lips on him. Our best theory is that she's trying to copy the raspberries and kisses their mother and I give them.


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