The Feeling of Impending Doom

For the first three months of being parents, neither The Mrs. or I were actually alone with both of them at the same time. Sure one or the other of us would be alone in the room with them, but there was always backup downstairs or at the other end of the baby monitor just in case things got out of hand. We have both proved we can take care of them on our own one at a time. Several times she would take one with her to run errands while I stayed home with other, but neither of us stepped up for the double team.

Last week that changed. The safety net went away and The Mrs. was solo parent all day while I was at work. She's been handling it pretty well. When I get home from work their's dirty laundry and bottles everywhere, and she is itching to get out of the house for awhile, but the terrible twosome are fed, clean, and reasonably happy. A definite success story.

But now it's my turn. The Mrs. has an appointment to keep this afternoon and I have to step up to the plate. The terrible twosome aren't mobile yet, so I don't expect it to be quite as exciting as Sarcastro's experience, but I do expect lots of crying and cursing. On the plus side, no one will be there to stop me from taking the kind of pictures I can use to embarrass the wonder twins during their teen years. (I like to plan ahead.)

The neighbors must be watching Jaws, because that music is really loud.......


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