The Wife

My wife is teh roxxor. And here's my clumsy attempt to tell you why.

I like to compare her to a peep, hard and crusty on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside (and also one of her favorite delicacies). We met on a blind date, and that night I met a sarcastic, wise-cracking, and very cute woman. That hard, sarcastic outer shell kept me from figuring out what she really thought about me so I kept calling, just in case. It took awhile, but ever so slowly I got past that outer shell.

The key to the continued good health of our relationship is her easy going nature. This was a definite surprise to me when I finally figured it out because it's at such odds with the gruff exterior. I'm moody, defensive, and not very good at accepting criticism from those close to me. Those 'qualities' have torpedoed many a relationship for me. But not this time, she just takes it all in stride and isn't bothered by it.

I think I've finally discovered the key. There is a line. On one side is her inner circle, and on the other side is everyone else. If you're outside that line and you do something stupid or destructive, you're going to catch some hell. If you're inside that line then you get the benefit of all her patience and forgiveness.

Watching her become a mother has just heightened my opinion of her. You really have to have the patience of a saint to be the mother of infant twins or even to be pregnant with twins. The doctors commented to her many times that she was unusually cheerful for a woman that pregnant with twins. Through all the weight gain, the morning sickness, the swollen feet, and even the lack of sleep she never got mean. That's more than I could have said if it were me. These days when they both start crying in the wee hours of the morning and we're both exhausted, I'm feeling some mix of rage and self-pity she calmly reminds me that they're just very small and it will get better. (Let's hope she keeps that attitude when they hit the teen years because someone will have to talk me out of killing them.)

I'm glad she's my wife and the mother of my children. I just wish I had the writing ability to do her justice.


Blogger L Norris said...

That's very sweet. Writing ability pales in comparison to writing fromt he heart. Very lovely!

10:44 AM, February 15, 2008  

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