Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Bananna?

Today's post title is an homage to Hutch. Both for his awesome post titles and feelings about orange.

Every Friday everyone at TDOT gets an email from the Commissioner. They're written by different people on the executive staff and they're meant to inform us about what some portion of TDOT does, or current events related to the department. Last Friday's was about safety in highway work zones. Apparently this week is Work Zone Awareness Week. Lots of states are banding together to remind all you customers not to run over highway workers. There were a few interesting statistics included, but I found one thing especially interesting.

The Capital building is going to be lit in orange every night this week just like all those lovely orange barrels you see on a construction site. I seriously wonder if any of the other states observing Work Zone Awareness week are doing something like that, or if it only got approved here because construction barrels share a common color with a certain particular university that shall go un-named.

I'd love to see this myself, but I don't think I'll be making it back downtown while it's dark. So someone please ask Chris Wage and his trusty camera to drop by for me.


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