An Upgrade

Well, it's official. I figured if Sarcastro can do it twice, then I can give it a shot too. The Lady Friend has offically been upgraded to Future Mrs. W. Yep, I'm getting married. The wedding bells are almost as loud as the Christmas bells. We expect the future part of her title to be taken off on St. Patricks day.

Unlike Sarcastro though, there will be no underage persons involved, at least not for the first ten months.


Christmas Spirit

While I'm not quite as Scroogetastic as Mr. Roboto, I'm having trouble finding the proper holiday spirit. I like tacky spectacles this (think Opryland Hotel) time of year, but disapprove of those inflatable snow globes. Anyone know of a good neighborhood for Christmas lights? Preferably in Antioch/Brentioch or Hermitage, but I'm also accepting suggestions in Williamson County.


Too Much Reading Of Blogs

This is how you know you spend too much time reading blogs…..

I was reading something by a large strangely colored local blogger recently, and out of nowhere a thought popped into my head. “He seems like just the kind of guy The Librarian is looking for.” In case it isn’t obvious, The Librarian is a female friend of mine who is currently single. And has similar taste in movies and reading among other things.

I don’t know if it’s the diamond commercials or my own current romantic situation, but it just struck me funny that I made that connection. Even stranger, it struck me even funnier that I didn’t make the connection sooner. And strangest of all…. The Librarian didn’t reject the idea out of hand when I told her the story.

So Mystery Blogger, if you read this….. call me.


Let's Take Another Shot At This

Well I got some interesting comments regarding my romantic dilemma. I do appreciate them, but there are a few things I want to elaborate on.

My first comment is for Ms Auntie B. Stop being an engineer? That wouldn’t help. Being an engineer didn’t make my mind work this way. I’m an engineer because my mind works this way. The training just sharpened the thought processes a little and made me more comfortable with it. So stopping being an engineer wouldn’t work. I’d have to stop being myself.

(Editorial Interlude) I can't decide if I should be surprised at Aunt B counseling me to quit thinking and do it. On the one hand she's a liberal hippie free-love type, but reading her intellectual discussions do give the impression of a highly logical mind. I guess we just have different opinions on what to apply that logic to. (End Editorial Interlude)

So I don’t think love is the sole ingredient necessary for a successful long term relationship. It’s the foundation, and the glue that binds it all together. And it’s what makes you patient with the other person and willing to accept their little faults. But it has definite limits. That’s obvious from the number of people I know who have been divorced. (I was going to site statistics, but I don’t have time to look them up at the moment.)

This is a comment Bridgett made at Tiny Cat Pants:

These things you mention seem pretty minor. I don't know -- do I want an Xbox or love everlasting? Hmmm...is not wanting to clean up after a pet a good reason to pass on spending my life with the most wonderful woman I've ever met? So those
kinds of things seem to be bad reasons not to make the jump.
Sure they are minor but they're just the representative things that came into my mind. I'm deciding if I love her enough to live with her. You're apparently married, so you know everyone has those annoying habits that get at you in your weaker moments. The same annoying things day in and day out can make you forget why you love a person. And they’re really just offshoots of the major issue. I suppose I didn’t want to put down into writing what I’m really thinking.

My dilemma hasn’t been about love. My dilemma is whether or not we can live together and our love wouldn’t eventually be drowned out by a symphony of annoying habits that we both have. And more importantly, I was trying to figure out whether our long term goals are similar enough that we won’t grow apart. So I had to decide if I wanted to have kids, and if I was okay with her not working while they were very young.

I feel like I'm not a good enough writer to really get this into words, but that’s what I’ve been trying to get at. I know no one can predict that for sure, but I wanted to make sure my odds are decent.