A Canine Induced Haze

Turns out that Newscoma isn't the only one to have canine related problems. Except here at the W household our new canines are enamel instead of fuzzy. Yes, I realize that's a lame intro, but I'm somewhat short tempered at the moment since I live with two teething babies so I suggest you keep that opinion to yourself.

Fifteen months old and already the deadly duo are over achievers. (In the past I called them the dynamic duo, but deadly duo seems more appropriate for now.) Luke has 18 of his 22 baby teeth already, and Leia is close behind. Teething isn't an exact science, but most babies start getting their first ones around six months and rates vary wildly from one baby to the next. Not my ever rebellious kiddos. They started at 4 months and have pretty much been working concurrently. Leia is slightly behind Luke. She seems to have chosen to start up just as Luke is finishing so she can draw out the length of time her mother and I have to deal with a crying, angry baby for as long as possible rather than letting us have a few days to regain our sanity between rounds. The timing is really uncanny, with each cycle of teeth just about the time you can see the tops of Luke's new teeth poking out his gums Leia's gums start to swell as hers get closer to the surface.

These days they've both got more teeth than babies I know who are 6-8 months older than them. The canines have been the hardest ones by far. If you aren't familiar with types of teeth, the canines are the ones that come to the sharp point in the front of your mouth. They're the ones at the corners where the teeth start to curve back deeper into your mouth. From what little I remember of my wisdom teeth experience, I can't blame them for acting up while those things are coming in, but it isn't conducive to relaxation for their parents. They're very unpredictable at the moment. Saturday they were both clingy, tearful wrecks who picked fights with each other every time we put them down, but Sunday they were as pleasant as could be as they played on their own, and all the fights were accidental rather than intentional.

Such is life with babies in general and twins in particular. I think we're due for a teething break soon, but I fully expect the two year molars to arrive at least six months early. On the bright side maybe we can distract them by taking them outside rather than being cooped up like this long winter has had us.


Blogger Newscoma said...

Do they bite your toes?
This appears to be the issue in Hoots.

Heh. I keed.

6:39 AM, April 09, 2009  
Blogger W said...

Actually they do. I think it's just a 'youngster' thing.

2:52 PM, April 09, 2009  

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