The Tiny Dishwasher

This post is a Public Service Announcement for all you folks with small kitchens.

I promised Rachel (sorry it took so long) to find out where baby dishwashers come from. Contrary to popular belief, it's not when two adult dishwashers drink too much vodka. The Mrs. tells me she got ours at Lowes, but had to special order it. I admit, back when I first saw it I wondered if it was worth the trouble of using it considering what you could fit in there. But it has definitely won me over. Even a small dishwasher is better than no dishwasher. And despite its size, you could still cram a days worth of baby bottles into the top shelf and still have room for a basket full of nipples and miscellaneous crap. We did have to run it twice whenever we had company over, but I think it earned its keep.

Our baby dishwasher is 17.5 inches wide on the outside. According to a quick check at Lowes and Home Depot websites the standard seems to be 24 inches. I managed to find a few 18 inch washers at those websites but they seem to be pretty scarce. All the entries actually seem to be the same washer in different colors. Since they're so uncommon, they probably aren't cheap. And you have to consider the ease of plumbing and wiring. Ours was put in right next to the sink so the water supply and drain pipes didn't have far to go. I'd also recommend getting one with a utensil basket that is easy to remove so you can squeeze a couple more plates in if you need to.

I can only hope my dishwasher PSA leads to less dishpan hands.