Hunting in Public

I was visiting the family for Thanksgiving last week, and I found myself on a busy rural highway on a busy Saturday morning. I noticed two guys in orange vests just off the road at the intersection with a small county road ahead of me. At first I thought they were highway maintenance workers, but then I noticed they both had rifles, and one of them had a tree stand on his back. I was traveling by at 60 mph so it took me a few more seconds to notice the deer carcass lieing on the ground between them.

I don’t hunt and really don’t see the pleasure in it, but I have no fight with hunters. At least not most hunters. But these guys on the other hand…. there was no truck handy and it wasn’t anyone’s yard, so they apparently just shot that deer right there on the side of the road with a highway 20 ft away and someone’s house not more than 50 ft from them. That gives me the chills. It wouldn’t take much of a hand tremor for them to end up shooting some poor guy on his way to visit grandma.


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