Tales From Under The Bridge Part 1 – The Business

You see a lot of weird things under bridges. So I’ve decided to start this semi-recurring, semi-entertaining series of posts to share with all you imaginary readers.

This actually happened here in Davidson County. A large bridge over the Cumberland River had just been finished, and we were done with our project early so we decided to stop and take a look to see how it turned out. This particular bridge is in a fairly residential area, and there was a road that went underneath the bridge. The area between the road under the bridge and the river was hidden by a pier (column) and a big pile of dirt. So there was a nice secluded area that was also easy to get to with your car. In retrospect we should have expected something like this, but it was a big surprise at the time.

We pulled up under the bridge by the big dirt pile. Looking out the window we saw a big, nice SUV parked way in the back with one guy sitting by himself in the driver’s seat. He seemed to be nicely dressed. We figured it was some businessman taking a break before heading back to the office so we waved. No big deal.

We got out of the car and suddenly the SUV starts revving its engine and pulls out at a high speed throwing gravel all over us. I looked again and noticed a passenger had suddenly appeared. A young lady’s head and shoulders were just coming up over the dashboard. Now under normal circumstances I would be mad that some guy was throwing gravel all over us, but this time I was too busy laughing to care. I don’t know if it was business or personal, but we definitely interrupted someone enjoying themself.

We were there for about 20 minutes, and by the end both of us were laughing so hard we could barely stand up. The guy drove by every 5 minutes or so just to see if we were still there. We waved and gave him the thumbs up with our biggest grins each time.


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