Just A Little Odd

The Lady Friend and I were walking the dogs (hers and the neighbor dog who was staying over) yesterday evening and something really weird happened.

We were in her neighborhood which is fairly small and has a good community feel to it. We were just walking through a church parking lot when this car pulls up to us and a fairly clean cut guy in his mid-20s gets out. He walks over and asks if we can do him a favor.

Since this whole thing reminds me of a story from Snopes, we cautiously asked him what he wanted. His reply was, “I need some witnesses because I want to give her a ring.” And he indicates that the mysterious ‘her’ is back in the car. So we agree to it, and he goes and gets ‘her’ from the car.

I have no idea what he told her about why they were in the church parking lot talking to strangers, but after introductions all around, he pulls out a ring box. Turns out it was a promise ring. He promised to take care of their baby, and not cheat on her. My first response was disappointment that he didn’t get on one knee or anything interesting like that. My second was “A promise ring? You don’t look 13 years old?” (internally of course). And then The Lady Friend and I were on our way.

We were talking about it later and agreed it’s a very weird scenario. Just stopping in a parking lot and asking two random strangers to watch is weird. The Lady Friend thinks they are actors or part of some sociology experiment. I say that it was above board and the guy was just some dufus who for some reason thought it would mean more if someone else was watching. Either way it’s odd. But it makes for an interesting story.


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